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"Industry Guidelines and

Recommendations for


RCI Interface

April 2006

"Potential Issues Encountered

During Installation of Air and

Weather-Resistive Barriers"

RCI Interface

May 2020

"Granulated Cap Sheets"

Architectural Specifier

Jan/Feb 1997

"Don't Tread on Me:

Guidelines and Helpful

Hints for Walking on Roofs"

RCI Interface

April 1998

"Roof Moisture Surveys:

An Effective Tool for the Industry"

Roofer Magazine

March 1996

"A Roofing Alternative:

Lightweight Insulating Concrete"

Texas Architect

Sept/Oct 1997

Karl A. Schaack, P.E., RRC, author of the noted articles, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Clemson University and is a Professional Engineer AND REGISTERED ROOF CONSULTANT.

"The Day After"

RCI Interface

February 2008

"Quality Control Testing of

Lightweight Insulating Concrete"

RCI Interface

October 1999

"Rx for Roofs"

Civil Engineering

December 1997

"Testing of Lightweight

Insulating Concrete"

The Roofing Specifier

November 1997

"Minimizing Odors & Fumes"

Contractor's Guide

August 1998

"Common Practices for Maintaining

A Roof During Installation"

RCI Interface

October 2012

"Infrared Thermography

in Today's Roofing World"

RCI Interface

November 2012

"Sealant Specs That Work"

The Roofing Specifier

Apr/May 1999


RCI Interface

June 1998

"Modified Bitumen Can Both

Look Good and Be "Cool""

RCI Interface

January 2020

"The Underlying Facts..."

RCI Interface

February 2006

"Controlling Odors and Fumes"

RCI Interface

July 1999

"The Environmental Benefits

of a Texas Garden Roof"

RCI Interface

December 2005

"Guidelines for Achieving

Long-Performing Seams for

Granule Surfaced Roofing Materials"

RCI Interface

April 1997