Building Envelope Technology
Structural Systems
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Condition Assessment

Identification/Documentation of conditions and problematic areas together with the development of repair/replacement options with associated budgets and timeframes.

Moisture Survey

Locating and quantifying areas of entrapped moisture within roof substrate materials utilizing non-destructive methodology, including infrared thermography, nuclear moisture meter, and/or capacitance technology.

Water Infiltration Investigation

Pin-pointing sources of water intrusion utilizing an organized, systematic controlled access water spray testing, together with visual observations and selective demolition of building finishes.

Pinnacle 2000(c)

Computerized systematic engineered management system. Click for more information on our Engineered Facility Management Computerized System.


Construction Administration

Technical support during the submittal phase, pre-construction and progress meetings, intermediate inspection of the work, final acceptance/commissioning, and project close-out.

Quality Assurance Observation

Independent, unbiased documentation of the application/installation process for verification of contract compliance and quality workmanship.


Training of select internal staff in various technical areas such as field inspections and annual maintenance or general educational information on selection/installation of various materials.


Assist with the maintenance of building components through routine inspection, implementation and documentation of proper repairs, and administration of in-place warranties.

PCI supports every aspect of new construction, renovation or maintenance projects; from conceptual project development, budgeting and building system analysis, through project planning, design, construction and maintenance. 



Verification of material compliance and/or integrity of components including Wind Uplift, Water Infiltration, Fastener Pull-out Resistance, Moisture Absorption, Sealant/Coating Adhesion, and Core Sampling/Test Cuts.

Forensic Engineering
Detailed analyses for determination of problematic areas that are possibly associated with dispute resolutions, storm event damages, insurance-related issues, and warranty-related conditions.

Construction Drawings/Specifications

Comprehensive development of design documents including construction drawings, technical specifications, and bid documents carefully tailored to the building and project, and meeting the applicable code entities in relation to drainage, wind, fire, energy, and other critical issues.

Design Review

Peer review of construction drawings, details, and specifications that have been prepared by others to document clarity, compatibility, and conformance with project conditions, code compliance, constructibility, and anticipated maintenance.