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Texas Board of Professional Engineers Professional Registration Number F-3814

Idaho Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers Registration Number 4551

Karl A. Schaack, P.E., RRC



Since 1983, Karl Schaack has maintained employment in the engineering consulting field where he has provided professional consulting services related primarily to roofing and waterproofing projects. Mr. Schaack joined Price Consulting, Inc. (PCI) in May 1992. Mr. Schaack's role in PCI is to provide leadership in the technical, management, and business development area regarding roofing, waterproofing, and exterior restoration related services.

Mr. Schaack has conducted numerous moisture and condition surveys for a variety of roof systems including built-up, modified bitumen, single-ply, metal, spray-applied polyurethane, tile, and shingles. Mr. Schaack has also performed condition surveys on a variety of waterproofing systems including, but not limited to, EIFS, stucco, stone/masonry, window wall systems, plaza decks and sealants. These evaluations typically include repair/replacement recommendations and associated opinions of construction costs for each type of system. He has also performed life cycle cost analyses to assist in determining replacement and/or repair options. Mr. Schaack has prepared plans and specifications and provided contract administration for a variety of roof and waterproofing repair/replacement projects. He has performed roof failure studies and roofing material testing and analyses. Mr. Schaack has performed peer review on roofing and waterproofing specifications as prepared by others. Mr. Schaack has directed engineering, inspection, and testing activities for commercial and industrial projects during construction. Mr. Schaack's involvement has included technical analyses for soil, concrete, pavement, deep and shallow foundations, fireproofing, and roofing.