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Price Consulting, Inc.

Texas Board of Professional Engineers Professional Registration Number F-3814

Idaho Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers Registration Number 4551


PCI designs and prepares construction drawings, technical specifications, and bid documents carefully tailored to the building for the repair or replacement option selected. PCI's philosophy is to design for long-term, low maintenance performance. Our belief is that good design is practical, concise, and solves the right problem. This belief results in the successful completion of projects that are aesthetically pleasing, functionally efficient, and cost-effective.

PCI's staff has the experience and knowledge to develop appropriate designs to comply with applicable code entities in relation to drainage, wind, energy, and other critical issues. PCI's project design experience includes a variety of cost delivery methods including Competitive Bid Process, Competitive Sealed Proposal, and Design/Build.

• Bid documents and technical specifications are text assembled from a current database in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format. PCI can customize documents for differing format requirements.

• Project drawings and details are retrieved from PCI's current computer database and amended via AutoCad for specific conditions.

• Owner-specific documents are incorporated into the documents, resulting in a comprehensive and valid Project Manual.

• PCI assists the Owner during the Cost Retrieval Process (Competitive Bid, Competitive Sealed Proposal, and Design/Build), through the advertisements, meetings, invitation/compilation of contractors, issuance of addendum (as necessary), and evaluations/recommendations of bids/proposals.