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Texas Board of Professional Engineers Professional Registration Number F-3814

Idaho Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers Registration Number 4551


For moisture detection within roof substrate materials, PCI's capabilities include non-destructive moisture surveys utilizing hand-held equipment including infrared camera, nuclear meter, and/or capacitance technology. These services typically include:

• Performance of instrumented thermographic survey of designated roof areas with hand-held infrared imaging equipment ("InSight").

• Compilation of meter readings obtained at a pre-determined grid spacing over the roof using either Troxler Nuclear Moisture Meter or Tramex Capacitance Meter.

• Core sample analysis of roof system construction.

• Verification of moisture presence via moisture probes with Delmhorst Moisture Meter and/or roof cores.

• Identification and marking of areas on the roof suspected of containing wet substrate materials.

• Preparation of annotated roof plan depicting penetrations, curbs, identified anomalies, and core/probe locations.

• Preparation of a roof moisture survey report, including summary of survey results, recommendations, annotated roof plan, and photographic documentation.