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Texas Board of Professional Engineers Professional Registration Number F-3814

Idaho Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers Registration Number 4551


Pinnacle 2000 is an automated, graphics-based management software system which combines the traditional functions of budgeting, architectural drawings, historical data storage, and maintenance planning into a single, multi-tasking, multi-user system.

Pinnacle 2000 was developed based on the management of facility roof systems. However, the flexibility of Pinnacle 2000 software enables PCI to customize the management system to incorporate other building components (i.e. HVAC, pavements, interior space planning, etc.) to meet owner-specific requirements.

PCI's approach to a Total Roof Management Program begins with a comprehensive condition assessment of all facilities, involving the complete evaluation of roofing components and installation details. PCI then places this intellectual capital into the Pinnacle 2000 system. This information is the core of the database. The quantitive capabilities of the Pinnacle 2000 system then assign a Roof System Rating by Facility/Roof Area. Based upon the information entered into the program, Pinnacle 2000 calculates a Cost Impact Factor (CIF). The CIF includes issues and/or conditions that have an impact on the overall cost of repair/replacement activities. Pinnacle 2000 provides real-time "dynamic" budgeting in five year cycles for repairs and/or replacements.

Pinnacle 2000 contains many other features/benefits including, but not limited to, Roof Statistics, Warranty Information, Repair Tracking, and Historical Information.

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