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Price Consulting, Inc.

Texas Board of Professional Engineers Professional Registration Number F-3814

Idaho Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers Registration Number 4551


PCI's approach to construction monitoring consists of providing daily field inspection and documentation of the application/installation process with project management support. Our field inspection includes the following activities:

• Attending project meetings.

• Establishing Owner requirements for operations, access, coordination, safety, set-up and storage areas, and other project related conditions.

• Reviewing contract documents, plans and specifications, and facility and site conditions.

• Monitoring project schedules, site activities, application procedures and testing/sampling.

• Documenting job progress, contract compliance, weather conditions, manpower, existing conditions, and sources of observed problem conditions where possible.

• Submitting daily inspection reports covering daily operations, problems and resolutions, observed defects and deficiencies, non-compliance with contract documents, extra work documentation, progress photographs, and material samples.